so im sitting in the class that I T.A. for and i guess the sophomores all finished their testing or whatever so the teacher let them go on the computers. this one guy sits next to me and im just doing my thing here on UG and he starts playing metal slug. i didnt really notice him until he picked up the rocket launcher and starts shooting down helicoptors and yelling "boom" every time he hits one. I have my iPod on and my voulume is up pretty high but i can still hear this retard. and he's all "gangsta" so everytime he says it, it sounds like "bome" so ive had enough, i look over at the plugs in the wall (theyre right next to my foot). so i kick at his and the computer just shuts off. he gets PISSED OFF and starts yelling at it and banging his fists on the keyboard. so the teacher wrote him up a detention and made him sit in the corner like a fourth grader. haha, i thought it was funny.
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*Saw the word "gangsta" and left*


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