say you have just a rectangular piece of wood
how do YOU go about shaping it?

before ive always sanded it but i recentely realized that there must be an easier way, no?
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Yea, it's a skill man, all done with hand, you can get little tools to help out, like shaping a wire of some sort to the desired shape and using that as a reference.

Sanding is the way to finish it, start with a planer.

EDIT: Planers require excellent hand eye coordination but offer amazing results, but also look into some of the other tools suggested in this forum.
If your scared only use a rasp and sandpaper, you will take alot longer but the results will be perfectly what you need and you wont have to worry about any chipping with hand planers, even the most experienced user can dig the blade in and chip there work.
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spoke shave, rasp, random orbital sander with 100 grit. contour gauge from home depot.
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