This is the absolute first attempt I've made at a song, let alone to upload one to a site, so if I made a mistake please tell me. Otherwise, I ask for you to be somewhat critical as I want to get better at this. It's on powertab because idk how to tab drums and I screwed up the guitar pro one, lol. But if anyone can get me some kind of guide for that I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, here are the details for the song.

It's called "All Eyes On You (Do Something Useful For Once)". It is incomplete and missing a solo, but it's my first try. And in my own personal opinion it is repetitive, so if you don't like those kind of songs then you won't like this. I have no clue what genre it is so if someone could give me a guess that'd be great!

And if you want me to in turn crit one of your own songs then just tell me which one and I'll be more than happy to give my opinion.