if you could call 'em that haha ...

they're all on my profile.

i tried to take "first takes" at the skill thingys , but for the tremolo one i had to do some more takes , becourse it sounded exctremly messy , well i think it still does but meh ...
i hope they're all in the right place , if not , please tell me and i change it

would be cool if you could rate them , i've been playing for about 8 years now lol , but never really sirious... , casual guitarero i guess , well sometimes i try and do like 2 hours a day for a week , but then i get lazy and play 2 hours a week haha....>.<

and please give the songs a listen , initium is kinda an intro+starter song, the other ones are just random.
and tell me what you think about the mixing of the songs , becourse i try really hard to get it to sound good , but mah still don't really like it ...

c4c ofcourse!
english is not my native language
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Hey man, I like your guitar work, quality riffs that flow well. I think the bass drum could come up in the mix, maybe the cymbals a bit also, not much. Snare was good. I'd like to hear it slightly faster, by maybe 5 or 10bpm. The song is well structured and kept me interested throughout, good job!
thankx a bunch bro..... okay here it goes

intium: awesome beginning....not trying to sell anything...but i think when the guitar comes in with chords sweep picking some arpeggios would sound amazing especially leading into the blast beat really like the little slow down in the beginning distored riffs...very smooth playing as with with all your songs

acid suicide: love the harmonization at the beginning very clean again.....really rare to find that clean of playing...im assuming this is some beatcraft stuff right? if those are real drums whoever plays them is ****ing amazing.

overall i think you're stuff is great....i think leads would complement the playing a lot. but yeah thankx again for criting my stuff...keep it up! oh i forgot to mention great tone quality
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