Great condition for it's age. Made in Japan at the Matsumoku plant in 1983. One piece maple neck, bone nut. A few small digs here and there. Excellent build quality. One good sized ding on the front and a little paint chipping around the output jack. A little wear on the fretboard on the first fret. No effect on playability though. See pics. Very little fret wear. Very versatile for a single humbucker guitar. Has a coil split switch too. Great tones from jazzy, warm cleans to heavy dirt. Tone kinda reminds me of an SG. New Wilkinson trem and stainless saddles. Looking for trades. Acoustics, electrics, whatever. Whatcha got? I don't have alot of posts here but I am a member at the HC forums under username SnoMan97 for years with over 1400 posts and many great transcations. Please email me if interested. I am much easier to reach through email. t_somers@bellsouth.net.

2007 Highway One Strat
Partscaster Tele
Yamaha FG411
Blackheart 5W Combo
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