So I've been playing on my dad's Fender Tele that he is letting me borrow and I'm starting to get into guitars more now and I think I wanna use my stimulus check to get me a guitar So I should have a $600 budget to get a guitar for myself.

I've been doing some research around and trying to figure out as much good information as i can, but it all comes down to asking questions Right now I've got that fender tele and it's not really the type of guitar I need for the kinda music I like, although I'm not sure if it's the type of music I can play yet. I listen to mainly hardcore/metalcore music. I'm still not that good though so i still play stuff like metallica and whatnot. I think the biggest thing would be to get a guitar with humbucker pickups instead of the fender clean style pickups.

Also i'm not sure whether or not I need a trem or not. I've read about a lot of horror stories with guitars not staying in tune because of a bad trem.

I don't really wanna keep using my dad's guitar forever so I was thinking about getting one to replace it, but i don't necessarily have to get rid of the fender so I can keep it around for that sound quality, because it is a good guitar.

Also I'm not necessarily against getting a guitar and then upgrading pickups if it'll save me money and get a good sound out of it. Granted I've never replaced them, but it doesn't seem like it would be too difficult. Anyways just any info on good guitars for more metalcore style music would be awesome!
Fender Statocaster or a Gibson Les Paul. Cant go wrong with either. Btw if you add core to anything your automatically a fag. Thus making you fagcore.
I would probably stay away from a trem for a first guitar, perhaps as a second guitar get a trem. If you're going to be playing hardcore / metalcore, you'll be changin tunings often so a hardtail guitar (like a Les Paul or Tele) would be much more suitable.

Just some guitars off the top of my head, check out ESP LTD EC-400 guitars (or any LTD guitar that is at least 400 or above), Ibanez RG321MH + pickup swap, Ibanez SZR series, Epiphone Prophecy Series, Agile guitars (unsure of model names)...
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Do you already have an amp? That's gonna be where most of your tone comes from.

Assuming you already have a decent high gain amp, a Viper 400 would be a great choice. I would advise against a guitar with a locking trem as a first guitar. It's just too much hassle for someone who is still in their beginner stages. I've had my Viper 400 for about 3 years, and not once have I regretted buying it. It's an excellet guitar in every way.
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With a $600 budget you can get a good guitar and amp. Remember, your amp is more important than your guitar, although you are correct, humbuckers are prety essential.


This would be a good guitar, but after a look on the Musicians Friend website, there aren't any good amps for $300.

Up your budget a little, and get this amp.


EDIT: Assuming you have a good amp, and I don't mean a Line 6, or a Marshall MG, or Valvestate, then this would be a good guitar.

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Fender Statocaster or a Gibson Les Paul. Cant go wrong with either. Btw if you add core to anything your automatically a fag. Thus making you fagcore.

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yeah, go LTD 400.

i've had my EX 400 for about a year now, and i would seriously ease my cock into it.

or an EC-400 up, i normally hate the look/ feel of les pauls, but goddamnit it's nice.
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Fender Statocaster or a Gibson Les Paul. Cant go wrong with either. Btw if you add core to anything your automatically a fag. Thus making you fagcore.


He needs humbuckers, and gibsons are way over his budget.

If you want to go all metal, get an ESP, even their cheap guitars are of good quality. If you want something to go all mellow, get an epi les paul standard, think about swapping pickups later.
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Btw if you add core to anything your automatically a fag. Thus making you fagcore.

your one to be talking about being a fag you got mandy moore as your avatar.....

but if you can just go to a guitar shop and look for guitars in your price range and play them and see which ones you like better
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But thanks for the replies so far, lots of good information here. Just to give you guys a little more info I'm using the amp my dad gave me with the Tele, which is just a cheap yet very effective amp.

Crate GX-15

I seriously doubt I'll be playing gigs anytime in the next 2 years, but I do like playing in my home so this amp works well, but I am open to suggestions. Eventually though I know I'll need to upgrade to an amp that will cost a lot, but if I have an amp that will work well enough for now I'd probably like to stick with that to save money and increase the quality of guitar I will get, because realistically if I do decide to do any gig work I doubt i'd be using my home amp
Ugh, your amp is more important than your guitar...where did you get that idea??? Yeah the sound comes out of the amp but its the guitar that will be your baby, the thing in your hands that your using to actually make that sound. The thing that will either make you pick it up the next day or regret ever having got it. Amps can be bought and sold any time, solid state, tubes, whatever, but that guitar should hopefully be the thing you don't want to be changing anytime soon. You're not playing amp, you're playing guitar. So I completely disagree and think that you should get the most guitar that you can with your budget. Then after a while and some research get yourself an amp. Don't sacrifice getting the guitar you want because your trying to get some kinda amp as well. I'm just so tired of that very bad advise being given to new players, sorry, it just my opinion.

Anyways...Like someone else mentioned, I also suggest having a look at the ESP LTD EC-400. Its a solid mahogany Les Paul style of guitar with (2) Seymour Duncan humbucker pick-ups (JB & 59) which really is a classic setup that you can't go wrong with. You will get great clean and distorted tones with those. Its a fixed bridge so as a beginner it will be easy to change strings, stay in tune, and adjust however you please. And prices have dropped, so its going for just over $600 US at Musicians Friend. I have an Eclipse II and an EC-1000, and I still might pick this one up. I really like the JB/59 combo in a Tobacco Sunburst body.
Also I'd like to add on another note, the amp I have does really well with distortion and sounds pretty damn good Of course i've never used a really expensive amp so I guess I don't know the difference yet lol. But the review i linked some thrasher was sayin how good it is for metal.

Well then onto my next question. Based off the suggestions so far, i'll definitely keep those in mind when I go guitar shopping. I'll probably buy from the local Guitar Center, there's one just down the street from me. From everything I've read I should thoroughly test the guitar to ensure there aren't any problems with it. Do a lot of you guys buy online though? To get those really cheap prices? I haven't tried to compare them locally yet.
You can get a good Schecter for that price, they're good for pretty much anything, but great for metal I would think.
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I've bought online from both American Musical Supply, Musicians Friend, and the Music Farm. I'm in Canada and for a while our dollar was better than the US dollar so on a couple things I did pay less that what was available locally. I trusted that what I was ordering was going to be good because I already had other guitars from that maker. The only exception was a Gibson V I ordered. It was by far the worst guitar I had ever tried to play, absolutely horrible so it had to go back(not the supplier or shippers fault just terrible quality). The other guitars arrived in perfect shape.

Anyways I'm finding now that a lot of the local prices are close if not better than ordering from the US. You really have to be comparing the same guitar (apples to apples so to speak) as it's not alwasy the case. I suggest you look and try out the local guitars, pick one, then look for better prices online with consideration to any broker fee's, taxes, conversion rates, shipping, etc...Really cheap prices I don't think really exist just because its online, and if it did then when thinking about a guitar I would really hesitate and wonder why its so cheap. I just wouldn't trust it.
Look into the Jackson Pro Series. DK2M, DKMG, RR3, KE3.
If you need a hard tail with no tremolo look into the Jackson DKMGT.
Other great hard tails are the LTD EC-500 and Schecter C1 Hellraiser.

Also look into getting a Roland Micro Cube. You can get a great deal on eBay.
You need humbuckers for one. Also, do you play anything else than metal, or is metal 90 to 100% of what you play? Cause I'd reccomend active pickups for metal.
Well right now i just normally play music that i'm really familiar with, but i listen to mostly metal music so I want to be able to play that sound well with the new guitar.
I'd get a Schecter C-1 or save a bit and get a Hellraiser.
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