well, i want a multi effect pedal, and not sure which one to get..

i was looking at the Korg AX-3000g, wasnt really sure about any other pedals

i want a wah wah pedal and a digitech whammy bar pedal aswell

but anyone know any other good multi effect pedals?
i know a good wah pedal, the Boss PW-10 V Wah, i have one and its great, fairly expensive though

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Get a Digitech Rp350, solves all of your needs.
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digitech rp 250 350 or my personal favorite the rp500
they all have 3 types of wah and all of the features of the whammy
fairly cheap
digitech GNX 4.
i had one years ago.
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ax3000g is godlike, if you put the work in, i can do crazy things with it now.

Like i can play one note and it plays a scale on it?

EDIT: The wah is great on it, and it can do all the things a whammy can do, probably not as well though.
well, i dont just want a whammy pedal + wah wah, i meant aswell as a multi effect pedal

but if the whammy & wah wah are alerady decent on the AX3000G, then theres no point really :|

i was just wondering if theres any other good multi effect pedals out there