If everything goes according to plan I'll be fronting a jazz fusion group over the summer. So far I've got a guitarist, bassist, drummer, and sax/vocals/keyboard/guitar player. The sax guy knows a little about jazz but no real music theory. I'm a music theory student and so is the drummer. The guitarist knows ****-all about theory but can play pretty much anything you show him and can improvise like a beast.

However, since nobody really knows extensive jazz theory we were just going to do all covers of fusion and jazz songs. This is where you come in, as I need some recommendations. So far the only jazz groups I've found that I really like are Pat Metheny Group, John Scofield, and Wes Montgomery. Any more suggestions, preferably with specific song titles? Also, suggestions on gear we should use would be appreciated. We all have rock/metal guitars and amps and I don't know how well they'll work for jazz. Thanks in advance.
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Wow, SkyValley = Epic win.
Yeah Mahavishnu Orchestra (John McLaughlin) - very cool

Miles Beyond
One Word

Epiphone zephr(sp?) and maybe a roland jc-120, but just a tube amp will be fine (i think)
You could check out Fourplay as well (Larry Carlton and Lee Ritenour)