Hey huys, i am definetly not new to down picking, i do it alot but a minor problem has occured.

The last couple of months ive learnt some Trivium stuff wich requires alot of fast alternate picking and triplets and stuff and ive decided to go a bit more agressive and learn some lamb of god

Theres a couple of riffs in Hourglass and Laid to rest that sound incredible down picked, im ok playing the songs a couple of times but by the third time playing through when i downpick my arm just gives up. I get a pain near the top of my arm near the shoulder and a slight pain at the wrist.

Question is, Is this due to bad posture or bad technique ?? OR am i just gona have to put some more hard work and and gain more stamina ??

Sorry for the big read :P

Thanx alot guys, much love x
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yeah i play the same kind of music and i get the same results some times.

have you heard 11th hour by lamb of god? i think its around 200 bbm. most people alt pick this but it's definitely supposed to be all down picked.

i've found that if you play it slow and eventually work your way up to speed, you shouldn't really get any pain.

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John Petrucci says: Always stretch before you play and he's very good at trem picking and downpicking
Use your wrist not your arm.
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Yeah, too aggressive maybe?? Take it slower and build up the muscles in your wrist, because it sounds like your compensating by using the whole arm and the larger muscles, which is now starting to affect the tendons. If it hurts then you should stop. In fact knowing that it is going to hurt by the 3rd time then stop before that and move on to something else. It would suck to injure yourself and not be able to play at all for a while. If you still want to get through the song then why not do it with alternate picking?? Just because it doesn't sound as awesome doesn't really mean anything when its just you practising, and it may ease up the tension in the arm.
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Use your wrist not your arm.

good advice.

Keep your wrist loose, this will help alot
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I don't understand the obsession with down picking...I play the same style music and down picking sounds better on open palm muted notes, but when I'm laying down riffs I use alternate picking. I can play songs like that, including 11th Hour, with down picking but I can't tell a difference, so I just alternate pick b/c it feels more natural...I actually think palm muted triplets sound better using alternate tough I do always use a down-up-down pattern for every triplet...

To answer the question, just practice man...I couldn't play LoG to save my life last year, but I just practiced the songs at a slower tempo until I got it full speed. Now I can play pretty much anything.
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really? ive always thought that downpicking on muted notes sounds tons better. i thought thast why metallica always down picked

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It's just my opinion...don't see the point in down picking on triplets or galloping...most times its so fast you wouldn't be able to tell how it was being picked
oh yeah of course, i alt pick triplets and stuff. but when its just like chug chug chug i down pick it so it sounds more consistant.

idk lol

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Use your wrist not your arm.

+1 unless you play punk of course
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Make sure you arent cramping/tensing up the muscles in your arms. Focus on keeping everything loose, if you cant do it with out tensing up a bunch slow it down cus you are just gonna end up having sore arms. And yes, use your wrist, not your whole arm.
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at first, using your wrist takes a little getting used to. i used to use like a combination of my wrist and my arm. now that i've practiced using my wrist, its much easier to play metal.

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