Hey everyone, check out lyrics from me and my band:

This Tattered Reflection -

This Tattered Reflection
Mirrors tell no lies
The undeniable truth that I defy
Tainted tears run from my eyes
Leaving and incurable
Emptiness inside
Reflecting my inner demons
That insidious disease
Never forgotten
Engraved in endless time

With my last short breath
I utter these words
The light of day is too far in the distance
I shall choose the path
Of least resistance

How can I look at myself
Without respect
The part I need to reflect
In the mirror
Is the only part I neglect
No pity in dishonesty
No hope inside of me
The incurable flesh wound of time
I would hope to see
My tattered reflection

everyone, please post as much as you would like, i want to hear the brutality/calmness of your music... thanks

Massacre Deicide
Please give the rules the once over, then you can repost this.

Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.