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I've been arguing with myself over the last few weeks between the Marshall TSL 60 and DSL 50 heads. Ive got pros and cons for both based on reviews and listening to the amps. The DSL seems to handle the "Marshall Tone" better than the TSL, yet the TSL has the 3 channels. I know the DSL has 2 modes per channel with two channels, but you want seem to switch between clean and crunch, or lead1 and lead2, are there any ways around this, and overall what would you suggest?

I currently require a tone spectrum from nice crisp cleans to Foo - Fighter / RATM styles of distortions. Which of these heads would handle this best?

Many Thanks
My DSL does RATM very well and it also has great cleans. Im not sure about the TSL but I'm thinking about getting a TSL in combo form. But to me, the DSl does these things perfect.
I prefer the TSL. Both sound great though.
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I would suggest the DSL.

I tried out a TSL 100 and DSL 100 before I made my decision. I did not like the TSL. It sounded rel sloppy and fizzy. The TSL does have 1 extra foot switchable channel, but the DSL has overall 1 extra channel.

I am sure someone somewhere can mod it to switch between Clean/Crunch and Lead1/2. It would prob be a lot of work and not worth it. If you really had to switch between these, instead I would recommend a booster pedal. Leave the classic gain side on clean, and when you want to go to Crunch, just boost it. The same with the ultra gain channel. Boost Lead 1 to get the gain of Lead 2.

There is so much you can do with 4 channels(modes) and some pedals. You can throw a OD pedal on your Clean, Crunch, Lead1 or Lead2 and get a totally different sound.

I love my amp. I was thinking about getting rid of it for a JCM800, but I love the versatility of it. I found if run the gain at about 4 - 6 in Lead1, I get a great JCM800 tone out of it. Then I throw a booster pedal on it and get a G&R AFD sound with my LP.

Good luck with your decision.
i prefer the tsl.
the dsl combo i tried out at GC was horrible.

i suggest you change out the stock tubes RIGHT away.
i put JJs and Tung-Sols in there and it sounded 100x better.
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i prefer the dsl over the tsl, but i don't really need three channels and if i did, i would buy a booster pedal or OD. try them out side by side and see which one you like.
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I'd get a DSL combo, upgrade the speaker, stick new tubes in it and get a good overdrive pedal. That'll come to around the same price as the TSL, will have just as many features and will sound better, particularly for lower-gain crunch tones.
The dsl401 is a nice amp imo.
Mine is all stock, but i now also play it through a 1960a cab and it sounds really nice.
It does get very very hot though.
Also even though the combo has three channels, it only has one EQ for the OD section (2 ch.)
Also doesn't get a very good Foo Fighters tone.
Quote by atr5557
i just got the boss mt-2 metal zone pedal today. i got the adapter for it but how do i know if its charging?