...most people on this site hate Trivium. I love Ascendancy. Its still an awesome album. The new one sucks but its not super horrible.
I kinda get why some people hate A7X but Trivium too.
i get the impression that one of the reasons is that matt stopped screaming to ""appeal to a wider audience"" and people say he's now a corporate sell-out..


i loved ascendancy
not keen on the latest album
think ill make my mind up once the new one is out..
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I do think it is a rather suspect sound of metal dildos and horses.
i think personally it's because they suck.
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a few reasons( i like both actually)
they both used to be metalcore(?)
but then switched to what is now modern day metal, which i like but others feel as selling out

i'm sure some people actually dislike them for genuine reasons obvs such as strength of the world chorus being very similiar to seek and destroy and so forth but that is the jist of it

oh some seems to think they are like emo metal, which i dont get at all but, ya know ,happens, i don't like the spice girls that much but alot of people do
Why do you care? if you like them listen to them, theres loads of bands out there that you dont like but others do, thats why theres more than 1 band in the world.