has anyone else been having trouble getting the capatcha's right on rapidshare.

like the ones where you have to find the kitten in the letter
i know but like i absolutely know that im choosing the right letters but it won't like let me download. then ill go down the list and try all possible combinations but it still won't let me
yesterday when I was downloading something from rapidshare and there was too much letters so I couldn't type them in

But today were 'happy hours of rapidshare', and I've downloaded it;]
Quote by metaldud536
Stop downloading albums!

the more music you have, the more musically cultured you are. when you buy music at a store, your limiting yourself to 1. how much money you have and 2. what cd's they have at the store.
you're depriving yourself, there are so many bands that you love that you'll never know because you wont have the money to buy their stuff. support them buy buying concert tickets and teeshirts, and be sure to just share new music with all your friends

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