Six in the morning sliding
off the formica
Love your eyes are soft and rimmed with
Pink all sleepy I think. I think
Of rabbits with white hair breeding
Like germs and swallowing deodarant
And eyeliner and sniffling.
I try to say but talking hurts.
And if you could speak you'd
Speak of my eyes and how I remind
You of the rabbits all crawling
All over into one another
And how the pink makes you think of your
Grandparents' house where you ate biscuits and
You drank milk and you watched all your videos
At least three times I think,
But talking hurts so we just drink our drinks.

Criticism much appreciated.
Haha, this was a sloppy masterpiece. It reminded me of the songwriting of a band like Animal Collective. Very quick and free.

Very fun read.