ive been looking into making my own guitar but as i dont have the tools to cut my own body and build from scratch, and as this would be my first project i have looked around for kits that require assembly and painting

i would just like to know your thoughts on this kit


like if the wood if reliable as i have not heard of a guitar made of basswood.

and also id like to ask you guys how possible it would be to customise to put in a floydd rose i have on an older guitar, thanks in advance guys
Basswood is a good guitar wood, I have an Ibanez made out of it that I love. That kit doesn't look bad although pickups in kits are usually crap so you may want new ones.
If you wanna drop a floyd in another guitar it would have to be routed for at least a standard trem. For a fully funtional Floyd the guitar would need to be routed for it. The neck would need routed for the locking nut and the trem would need to be calibrated. It's a bitch in other words.
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basswood is very low quality wood imo.

usually what cheaper guitars are made of.
You havent? Alot of ibanez guitars, like the Paul Gilbert model, are made from it, as well as some Jackson and other shred and metal marketed guitars. I would buy it, were it not from Britain, as the curent exchange rate is almost 2 dollars pre pound, or something close.
basswood is a popular wood used for less expensive guitars.

youll need a router and possibly some chisels and templates to rout the floyd out...
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thanks guys, maybe not try the floydd on this one and leave it to a later project. but i do have a whole spare guitar at my dispense with bucks and all black hardware that i would probably use instead of the packaged hardware