Well, I made this like 1 month ago, but was banned and couldn't post it ...

It started kind of like a waltz, but I don't know how it ended, but at least it doesn't sound so bad...

I hope you like it, even though it is very simple.

EDIT:There it is...

EDIT2: I don't know why, but the gp4 file (and the gp5 file too I think) didn't include the bassnotes and some higher melodies (I did them in another voice), but this one does.
Classical-inspired piece 2.zip
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Pretty simple and plain eh, either way, it was good. If you could add some more it would be really cool. I think it needs a bit more melody, or another guitar (a duo or something).

Anyways, cool classical piece 8/10!

Cheers for the crit
yeah, it needs some backup. by itself it's really simple and not very entertaining.
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here are some harmony suggestions for various parts of your piece.

if you want to have it as a 1-player solo piece, you should incorporate basslines under your first melody (I've added the underlying progression).
The middle section (which I didn't include) spells out the chords quite nicely - in a 2player duet you can have the other guitar play the chord progression in the typical valse pattern (bassnote, then 2 x upper register), and cut out some of the first guitar notes (so that it solely handles the melody and doesn't get in the way of the other guitar). For standalone, incorporate the basslines (as you already did in the later part of that section).
I included a nice melody on top of your arpeggiated section, but otherwise it can also stand on its own alone

Great stuff, keep at it!
Classical-inspired piece in Bmaj.zip
But it does have bass notes....

OH SH*T!!!!
The file I uploaded doesn't have any bassnotes in it!!!!! (or melodie notes too)

No wonder people say it is "too simple", I will add another one ASAP

EDIT:Added another one, I hope this one has all the notes

^Hey, yours is pretty good, I would include parts of it if it wasn't completely different from my original one
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that was pretty sweet although it was a bit too simple for my taste, you could maybe make it a bit faster or have more complex melodies. the best part was the part at 25 that was more like the kinda stuff that sounds good to me. very nice.

i put it to X1.25 and it sounded awesome
That was nice. It was very relaxing on the whole, and well crafted. I myself would have preferred some faster parts, and possibly a short little solo section, even if only for a couple of bars or so., but as it is, it's good.

I really liked the slight shift in tone at bar 25, too.

There's really nothing wrong with this piece, but possibly expanding it couldn't hurt anything. Just a little fleshing out around the edges.

Crit my latest? You will probably enjoy the acoustic sections.

I liked it, Very Classical-era sounding and pleasantly balanced and simple. 8/10.

Yeah, you could expand on it, make it more complicated if you wanted, maybe modulate to a different key, but TBH I kind of like the simplicity of the way it is now.



It's a classical piece, ends in Bmaj but starts in B double harmonic phrygian.. More kind of romantic-era sounding than yours