Should I buy a BlackHeart 5W or the Line 6 HD75 with 4X12 cab

So tough.
The blackheart has GOOD tone.
But I could imagine how loud that Line 6 half stack could get

Oh the Line 6 costs $350 (Craigslist)
Blackheart $250
I want to play br00talz
and will be hooking up a pedal to either.
Stay as far away from that Line 6 as you can.
Get the Blackheart.
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Blackheart, just for the great tone. Seeing as you (probably) dont need a gig amp, the extra volume would just be a waste.
Line 6 is a no no.
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all the people that are saying line6 is rubbish need to listen to the vetta then comment on the company.
No line 6!!!

And by the way, just a tip, no offense, I don't think anyone who is actually "brutal" has ever described it as br00talz or whatever that was.
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