for my second guitar i am concidering buying a fender telecaster but i am torn betweeen the alder and the ash, i have had a chance to play the alder one and i like it alot but there is something about the ash one that makes me reconsider?

i wan't this guitar to play bluesy/rock and variety within that
basically stuff like Richie Kotzen, John Mayer and artist around that style

which one would suit these styles more and what would they offer that the otherone didnt

p.s is the only difference between the standard and american where they were built!?
yes and quality of wood, finish i think and electronics i think go for the standard it dosent notice ive got one :P oh id say alder too
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The lite ash is a muchhhh nicer guitar, much sleeker neck profile, better pickups, better sound and feel, i've Abed them before now. The lite ash is going to be my next guitar. Much more of a teleish twang.

For £20 extra, its great.

Deffinately try before you buy tho, it is Korean made, korea isnt well known for contstant quality.
I just got a Nashville Deluxe Tele (made in mexico) with the three tex mex pickups (middle one is tex mex strat), can get a great country or blues sound. Def not the guitar of choice for hard rock or metal but does well for classic rock. It was about $600 and change with a hard case. Def check it out if you like that John Mayer blues tone.
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I prefer alder, ash doesn't have any meat to it. And the American will be the same thing just higher quality, such as better pickups/electronics, better finish, better fretwork, etc..