Hey all i'm just wondering if i could get a better deal online as opposed to in store? Im looking for a practice amp and possibly a new guitar and wondering if if there are websites out there that have killer deals on ? Including delivery cheaper than the highstreet stores?

Just wondering about your thoughts

Everything is cheaper if you buy it over the Internet, but it's a good idea to try out a guitar or amp in a shop before buying it.
guitar center has identical prices in store as online. My guitar was actually $50 cheaper in store ($550 compared to $600). I also like to test things out before hand, although I did get my amp online cause they didnt carry it at guitar center. I suggest in store though, even if its a few extra dollars.
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when you buy multiple items it may be cheaper instore.
They can make you a deal this way, where you can negotiate online.

Also, if you offer to pay in cash they'll normally make a reduction! Saying that if you email or ring and online store you might be able to cut a deal!
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I have problems with both. Got a guitar online and had to get a pot replaced and some other minor things. then I got a guitar from the store was set up like **** had to put atleast 50 dollars into it just to sound good " never get a guitar without playing it".
With guitars you really need to buy instore. With amps and FX you can get away with buying online if you've tried that model instore.
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Try in a store, and then buy online.

The only thing I wouldn't do this with is Epiphone 'cause I bought one of my Epis online, and I had to send it back and exchange it three times before I finally got sent one that had everything working properly. That was really annoying to have to go through all that just to save few quid. For only like £12 more I could have gone to a store and tried them out to find one that was good and got it right there that day. So I wouldn't risk buying Epiphone online again.
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does musicians friend ship to the UK? that site is really cool but im not sure how much the costs would be/are if they ship to Europe?