Anyone know any sites where i can quickly create a webpage. I only ened to upload a html file to test a java applet to see if it works properly. Anyone know any sites that let me do this?

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The best free and professional web hosting site is HERE.

They offer everything that costly web hosting services provide. (good bandwidth, storage, email, PHP, MySQL, etc.)


if you have a domain you can use your domain there and it won't be lame. (e.g. something.angelfire.com)
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Geocities, Tripod, Blogspot, Blogger ...

these all give you a subdomain.

maybe that's what he wants, but I prefer having a domain with free hosting
Freewebs. You get the site free there, then go to "www.dot.tk " and you can direct your www.namehere.tk to your freewebs URL which hides your crappy url for a professional looking one

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