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...and it brings back memories of a time or a feeling?

I'm not talking about really old songs that bring you back to the way things were in the eighties or something, I mean more personal memories. Those songs that you were obsessed with at a certain period of time and then stopped listening to for a while. A few months later, when you listen to it again, does it bring back the feeling that you used to have at the time that you first listened to it?

I've gone through so many different music phases that aligned with periods of personal growth that I experience this all the time. I guess I kind of think of it as the soundtrack to that point in my life, and it makes me remember feeling insecure or heartbroken or whatever I felt.

How about you guys?

Everytime I listen to Simon and Garfunkel I think back to the year I moved out of New Jersey. And I kinda feel weird, the kind of feeling that's unique to that very memory or experience.
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Yes, I can actually say that does happen to me occasionally.
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Yeah, I heard 'In The End' by Linkin Park the other week, and reminded me of an awesome school trip I want on to France in yr8
Everyone was playing it like, none stop on the coach down to where we were staying, and I sat next to a hot chick.. Reminds me of her
Yeah. It's amazing that music can do such a thing. I recently listened to a song I last heard about 2 years ago, it made me cry a little.
Elvis - Don't Cry Daddy, Had to download it for my granpa's funeral (it was played there) and it comes on randomly sometimes, brings tears to my eyes when it does
i never hear the same song twice. i listen to one song continuously over a 24 hour period, and never ever hear it again. if a song ive heard comes up on the radio in my car, i bash my head against the windshield until it stops.

todays song is stand by REM
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Yeah I know what you mean. Does it count with videogames? Cause Blink-182 reminds me so much of when I first played Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (which was the highlight of my life). Especially the album Enema Of The State.
Ya, that's exactly why i don't listen to some songs, cuz it brings back ****ty memories =(
At my school talent show a few weeks ago, this nerd sang "Livin' On a Prayer - Bon Jovi." Since then every time I hear that song I start cracking up because this guy SUCKED.
I can't listen to The Suffering by Coheed and Cambria anymore. It brings back memories of an ex. It's not like I'm thinking "ohhhh the heart break", I'm more like "that fucking tool used me for sex and now I want to kill him"
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yeah!! I listened back to the arctic monkeys demos and it felt really weird- bringing memories coming back..
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Yes, of course.
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Yeah I know what you mean. Does it count with videogames? Cause Blink-182 reminds me so much of when I first played Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (which was the highlight of my life). Especially the album Enema Of The State.

I get memories from re-playing Final Fantasy games sometimes, depending on which one I'm playing...

When I hear the interlude to master of puppets or Fade to Black's bright acoustic section, I think of Taylor, this girl I really like. I was planning to play them for her until she got a girlfriend.
And when fade to black or master of puppets builds into the heavier part again, I start to get angry and think of the guy she is going out with and how much I hate him.
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i know what you mean.

there was a basement jaxx song called 'red alert' i think.
always came on when i played this playstation game with my older sister.

and when it comes on, it's there in my head.
Sweet home Alabama reminds me of my home town... it Canada B.C> ahahaha.
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Every song from the Pumpkins Machina album.
I was going through some hard times, and that album got me through everything at the time...
"Wound" and "Age of Innocence" still give me cold chills.
Intergalatic - beastie boys - me playing one of the city levels on crash bandicoot

oh yeah
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basically any 90s alternative does it for me

sugar ray, lifehouse, a lot of stuff off those "buzz ballad" CDs

being 9 was awesome
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Definitely. I always remember such random memories that are totally meaningless.

For example 2 years ago I was obsessed with Far Beyond the Sun by Yngwie Malmsteen and when I heard it again I remembered thinking to myself, "Ok just this one part and then I'm gonna get out of the car."

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80s love ballads, Savage Garden and Lighthouse Family. Also some Daft Punk and Feeder. I love memories related to songs.

I actually had this when I was listening to the Megaman 2 music. I absolutely adore the music in that game and hearing it again/playing the game again in years just sparked some wonderful feelings.
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"that fucking tool used me for sex and now I want to kill him"
Well, honey...

Men use women for sex.

Ask any man who loves a woman, and he'll probably tell you the same.

"I want sex."

*sigh*.."Okay." just want it more. If a woman understands this, then she is an angel.

Mine even hands me a Kleenex when I'm fapping.

Good woman there.
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whenever i hear anything of Opeth's Damnation i always think of 2 summers ago when i bought the cd and didn't stop listening to it for a week or so
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Well, when I was a huge Dream Theater fan I overplayed Awake out the balls.

Now, when I listen to it, I feel nostalgia of why I loved it so much.
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Fight For Your Right To Party. Reminds me of doing the talking bit at the start of the video with those nerds then running around my friend's living room shouting the lyrics.
yeah I thought I was the only one.. definitely brings me back to feeling I had back then.. it kind of depresses me sometimes
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Yes. I had sex through the entire Metallica- Kill em all album and then Guns N' Roses Appetite of destruction. Yes not exactly baby making music but whatever. Now everytime i hear a song from those albums i try to remember what was specifically happening during that song.
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I listened to Underoath's They're Only Chasing Safety back when I was stupid and thought that was metal.

Anyway, i listened to that for most of the 3 weeks I was in Pakistan and it brought back alot of cool memories.

I think thats the only album that does that to me though
Radiohead's album The Bends..

EDIT: oh yeah, and also Creedence Clearwater Revival Greatest Hits
wham, bam, thank you ma'am!
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The Killer's album 'Hot Fuss' reminds me of playing Half-Life 2, cos I got both of them for the same birthday and played them at the same time.

'Someones In The Wolf' by Queens Of The Stone Age reminds me of the Lake District, 'Little Sister' reminds me of Las Vegas.
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