Read it in the newspapper today and it made me quite happy being a Boosh fan myself.


Theres the latest Sugar Puffs advert which is why they got sued in the first place

Just thought I would share this incase any of you are Boosh fans yourself

Discuss? Maybe not? Whatever floats your boat
Who cares? Julian Barratt is the only vaguely amusing one in the Mighty Boosh and Noel Fielding is just a full on dick. I hate him, the cocky, unfunny, anorexic-looking, retarded, Razorlight-raping son of a bitch.
The DNA results show that Jeremy Kyle is a nob.

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Poor Honey Monster, he was influenced by an exciting new type of music and decided to try a pop career and now he has been blasted and made to look a crook.
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I'll get it out the way ...

... Old.

Well, it was in the newspapers today so I just assummed it wasn't old. I know that lots of people are aware that they ripped it off, but I didn't realise people knew they Boosh were suing.

(I know it sounds like it but I'm actually not being sarcastic)
Its news to me, I'd assumed sugar puffs had got some sort of partnership on the go with boosh when I saw the ad.
I didn't know they invented and had a trademark on a certain type of music.

Sucks for them though. I used to be a fan but it's got a bit samey now.
I don't understand...
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