OK, at first glance, a pretty n00by question.

My problem isn't that I wouldn't know how to replace the pickups. I could do that pretty easily with two single coils and a humbucker, but that's not quite what I want to do.

Let's use EMG-81 and EMG-85 as the example here.

My guitar is a Jackson SL1. Y'know, the top o' the line soloist... Like Dave Mustaine from Megadeth used before he switched to the V model, and what Jeff Hanneman from Slayer uses still for certain songs...

OK, the problem is this: http://img3.musiciansfriend.com/dbase/pics/products/1/1/8/270118.jpg

As you can see it's got the single coil at top, a second, then a double coil. Of course the double coil could easily be replaced by a single humbucker...

But I want two of them.

As I was saying, EMG-81 and EMG-85 setup.


He's got the same Jackson as me but double humbucker...

As you can see from the default Jackson pic from musicians friend above, the coils are resting in sort of like a depression, not sure what it's called.

Am I going to need some kind of work done to get two humbuckers in place on my Jackson or what? It seems like one of the depressions would stick out if the humbuckers are like, bolted on or whatever.

Hope I didn't make that too complicated, it's quite simple.
i think you may have to. the bridge pickup is just a humbucker its the way SD look without a cover
I know it's a humbucker, but I call 'em double coil to differentiate from normal covered humbuckers. Hehe, should've explained that too I suppose!
It'll ruin your guitar, It'll need some routing done on it. But with the new humbucker inserted there, it will leave the middle gap still. It will completely ruin how it looks.
Sure its doable. But i wouldn't do it on that guitar.
I'd get a new guitar, maybe one with EMG's already in it, as EMG's are a bit tricky to fit, as they are active (use a battery) more so than passive pickups (without battery)
If you wanted to do EMGs, you could do 81-SA-SA.
But no, you effectively cannot put a standard size humbucker in there.
Lace makes single coil-sized humbuckers, but I'm not sure if they're passive or active... never really looked into them.
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Bad thing to say, I know but... Jeff Hanneman did it!

I've seen other people do it who aren't... extremely rich like he probably is.

@truespin: I thought about 81-SA-SA, and I also found the (related) 81-S-S KH20 EMG pickup set (Clicky) and was wondering what the "actual" difference is between SA and S.
Its extremely difficult to do.
A complete refinish to your guitar will be needed if you go ahead and do this to get it looking decent.
The 81-SA-SA or the 81-S-S will be the way to go, although i can't personally say what the difference is between them. Havn't looked into them enough.
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... and was wondering what the "actual" difference is between SA and S.
The 2 big differences are that the SA uses an Alnico magnet instead of ceramic, and there are some suBtle differences in the preamp to affect the tone.

Your best source of information is on the EMG website:

Other choices would be the SV and the SAV.
The SAV seems like it might be interesting.
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OK, I'm back again.

I couldn't find anything from Jackson or their affiliates, so does anyone know if it would be possible to send it in to have it modified by them to support a dual humbucker setup?

This guitar was a gift -- an expensive one at $1600 -- so I'm not too eager to replace it, especially given it was but a few months since I've gotten it...

I'd really rather send it in to the makers to get it modded, but I'm up for a new SL1 custom if that's what it takes... (they offer the custom form on their site, from there you can give it to an official dealer)
yeah, you'd have to rout the body, and it would probably cost more than the guitar.

you should just cut the 85 in half and super glue the pieces in
I think I'll go with the 81-S-S or 81-SA-SA setup instead, haha.

Or order a custom later. Meh.