This is part of my band's song so don't think about taking it. I'm posting this up because I want to know how I did for my first GP track. There is a lot of things I don't know how to do correctly such as making a successful breakdown. The last part is just a bridge to a breakdown, but I stopped there. Also, there is no drums as I don't know how to make the drums part.
I would never dream of stealing that...

You can't even finish the bars... you see the bars that are red when your finished? that means that you didn't complete the bar...

second... the "song" really only consisted of a single idea... and not a very good idea...

I thought it was trite and very generic.... and slow.

sorry to be so honest... but I would never ever listen, play, or watch that.
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Well, like the guy above said: if the bar is red, then it's unfinished. Try using the "R" key if it's a rest or use "L" if you wanna hold a note over bars...
Press "F6" for track properties and select "4 strings" on the bass track... unless the bassist in your band uses a 6 string bass of course !

Use other tabs as reference, look how they did (a lot of things people try to tab are already tabbed here). If you got the latest GP5, you can even select the part you're interested in, copy it and paste it without having to copy the whole bar.
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I'm sorry, but I don't recall asking for an opinion on the song. I don't need your opinion as my fellow band members love the riffs and people not in the band like it. I asked for criticism and some help with Guitar Pro itself. Thanks for the help Mandallic, but no thanks Nexxus.
oh, well, hey sorry bro, I thought you wanted some criticism...

but I did tell you what you did wrong... if you want it to sound the way it looks, you need to change the time signatures on the red bars.
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The hell with Guitar Pro. Figured I'd give it a try, I'll stick to playing it, sounds so much better because of most options Guitar Pro doesn't give me. If you were to play it like I do on guitar, you would probably like it. Any typical metalcore fan would like it, I can assure.
If you buy GP, you get the RSE with it - that'll give it a better sound. Also, tell your bassist to stop playing root notes only! :p
serras, I took the main riff to town and wanted to see what it'd sound like in a more polished version. Couldn't continue though, because everything inadvertedly sounded like various Trivium- or Bullet for my Valentine- Songs that use the same progression. If you'd continue, I suggest throwing a less melodic verse riff in there (as it gets tired hearing the same stuff over and over, don't use the same riff too often), a typical metalcore chorus (one guitar strums out a powerchord progression, the other one plays a lead melody or octave chords), and the breakdown, well just chugg on the low string, as you know.

If you have trouble coming up with breakdowns, I included a simple approach as to how to come up with some generic chugg patterns. They will not win any beauty contests, but alas, if you're short of ideas it can sometimes give inspiration. Of course, better yet is listening to lots of "professional" breakdowns, what rhythmic patterns they use and how (why) they work. And if the song doesn't need a breakdown (the fact that it doesn't come naturally is a hint), don't feel pressured to add it (same with solos)

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