I have a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR and a ****ty 200$ amp. I have about 1k$ to burn and wish to get a new tube amp along with some effect pedals. I really haven't played many amps so I am not sure which kind to purchase. I'm mainly looking for high gain tones, but I am also looking for very melodic high tones and nice cleans as well. Could someone help me find a good amp that will help me achieve this? I'm also looking into getting many pedals as well.

The tones I am looking for are:

some thing similar to:

Thanks a lot,
A:Are you gigging?
B: Will you By used?
C: Can you specifiy what you mean by melodic high tones ( melodic is playing, not tonality)
A. Possibly in the near future.
B. Probably not.
C. Just like, sweet, nice sounding, petrucci-esque high tones.
i have similar interests but want good cleans, i was thinking about trying the engl's out sometime soon, give them a look.
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