So, anybody heard them?

They are a comedy-musical group from Argentina founded in 1967 by Gerardo Masana (deceased). As their name suggests, they are luthiers, they make home-made instruments. Along their career they performed from Baroque music to cantatas, madrigals, serenatas, rap, classical music, mariachi, romantic music, operas, milongas, trovaresque music, etc...
Also, they are comedians, in their acts they perform one of the best type of humour I have ever seen, accompanied by one of the best music I have ever heard.
They have to be the best musician/comedian combination to ever exist , and you can tell by their performances.
Well, you could google them, but I will make a list of their members and instruments they play:

Carlos López Puccio: violin, keyboards, percussion, viola, cello, vocals, bass, etc.
Jorge Maronna: guitar, cello, bass, double-bass, percussion, vocals, keyboards, etc.
Marcos Mundstock: percussion, keyboards, trumpet, vocals, etc.
Carlos Nuñez Cortés: piano, keyboards, recorder, percussion, vocals, etc.
Daniel Rabinovich: guitar, violin, bass-pipe (one he invented), drums, recorder, vocals, bass, keyboards, etc.

These are the current members though...

Here are some videos:

Sonatas para violin y piano
Epopeya de Edipo de Tebas
Concierto Mpkstroff
El asesino misterioso

Oh, you need to know spanidh (or french in some cases) to understand the jokes

Post any videos or songs or comment about them.
I personally love them...
yeah, saw them once live on the National Auditorium here in Mexico..I seriously couldn't stop laughing
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