I was looking for a music forum and found this, so I just joined up!

I just got a new Fender Super-Champ XD amp and it's my first tube amp. Any tips for a new tube amp owner is much appreciated.

I've been playing for almost 20 years, originally started out to impress a certain girl and ended up falling in love with my Strat than her. In college, didn't know what to major in...tried Mechanical Engineering and ended up with Music Education. But I'm currently in the Sport Industry.

Love God, wife, family, Glocks, NBA basketball, XBOX 360, TV and rock 'n roll. Music influences are Stevie Ray, Satriani, Guitar Hero tunes, Rev. Horton Heat, Bobby Blue Bland, BB King, Iron Maiden, Brian Setzer, 60's-70's rock and of course METALLICA!!!

Thanks guys. Sorry for not putting it on the newbie Sticky.

Oh well, now every knows Guns&Guitars®!
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