im thinking about getting this new guitar, but adding and customizing it, tell me what you think.

Killswitch, maybe new neck, new bridge (i dont like the strings behind the bridge) whammy bar (ibanez style) and seymour duncan pickups (i might keep the pickups cuz the look good, and a snow white paint job. tell me what u think because ive always wanted to customize a guitar but ive only had one and it was my dads so i couldnt, is this a good start?
hmm I think it might be a good idea to try some used gear, why always new stuff?

I dont know much of this guitar, but I was just wondering...
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Dude, if you're going to change that much, don't get a new guitar. Get a used one and mod it.
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well i think it would be a cool project, ands its not that much, ao if i **** it up, ill save up for a new one