So I took my Schecter Damien 4 to the shop because of fret buzz. They set it up and put some new strings on it. The fret buzz is gone, but now the action is too high for my liking. I've read around on adjusting the action on a bass, but my Schecter appears different than the basses in the tutorials. I cannot find a truss rod screw on the neck, and the only screws I see on the bridge are underneath the strings. I hate to take it back into the shop just to lower the action. Am I overlooking some screws somewhere? If someone who owns a Damien could help me that would be awesome!

Here is a pic of my bass, I can also include closer pics if someone wants to help me out.
the truss rod is underneath the plastic plate that is behind your strings on the headstock.
take the screws out slide the plate out and you will have access to the truss rod,
although its probably easier for you to change the action at the bridge

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ummm... just a guess, so don't kill me...
but it would appear that the truss rod may be under the cover by the neck that has Damien-4 printed on it? I haven't played Schecters all that much, but that looks like a typical truss rod cover. Sorry, but I have no clue about the bridge... i've never worked with one of them before.

EDIT: yeah, listen to the guy above me. he explains it better.
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I'm pretty sure I can see the saddles very clearly. They're the thing the string rests on on the bridge. If you take a teensy little allen key and adjust the little screws that are off to each side of the string, you'll be in business. And yeah, the truss is underneath that plate at the top there that says Damien IV it looks like.