Hey, I have an MXR EVH Phase 90 and it has stopped working. I opened up the pedal to see if I could find what was causing it to malfunction and I found that one of the diodes (I think thats what it is!) had burnt out. I have emailed the dunlop support and they told me they would fix the pedal but i would have to ship it to there factory in California which would cost £60! What is the best way to get this pedal working again? Could i try and purchase a new diode and solder it in? I have uploaded some pictures of the PCB and hopefully someone can tell me whats going on.

Well the component that blew out looks like the 5.1V Zener diode. That shouldnt be too hard to find.

The problem is that it looks like the diode has burned out around some of the traces and has interrupted those. That could be a bit of a pain to fix. Someone should be able to explain that better than me, but to my knowledge, you're going to have to jumper the traces to the closest solder pad.
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Yeah. thats what it looks like...it's an incredibly simple fix though

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Okay so I finally got off my ass and bought some new gas for my soldering iron and took the diode off the pcb. I soon noticed that one of the traces under the diode had burnt out. So i removed the 9v adapter plug to see if there was any other damage. There wasnt so im just showing you some pics of the pcb without the two components.
When i replace the diode, can i just get a small piece of wire and join one end to the other of the trace? if you know what i mean!