Hey all,
Im 17 and looking for a new job for the summer... what would be some cool places to work at? thanks
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Albertsons, duh.
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Afterwards I said to her "Why did you blitz my asshole like that?"

^^ I work at Jewel, which is a division of Albertsons, or was at least, until SuperValu bought Jewel.

It sucks no matter what company we're owned by. I hate working at a grocery store.
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I got kicked out of a Mac store when me and my friends simultaneously put on meatspin on all of the computers in the store. Some eleven or twelve year old looking girls there freaked out.
Well I want to work on a golf course. That would be awesome. But That's because I would get to play golf

fo free!!!!
where do you live that its called a Jewel?
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Afterwards I said to her "Why did you blitz my asshole like that?"

Your're 17, any job you can get is going to blow.
just think of the money and grit your teeth through it
Not a grocery store...i'll tell you that much. Its not fun unless you have friends that work there too.

It was fun when i was in high school and i had friends to work with, but now i am a butcher there. And well...its okay. Its a very quiet place without my cohorts.
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well, i don't recomend this job to anyone that doesn't like messes, but me and a few of my friends got jobs at BDubs (Buffalo wild wings). Its real easy since theres literally like 5 things on the menu to remember (wings, boneless wings, burger, and sandwhich names) and it tips very well since the food is so pricy. On a normal 4 person family tip I'll get around 7 bucks, so it works for me.

and i paint houses in the summer for 10 bucks an hour...
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Well, I'm going to work at a snocone stand, which I think will be pretty cool. Pun not really intended.

Work as a pyro-technicians assistant. I here that's supposed to be really cool.
for those who don't what they are I'll make it simple. They make things go BOOM!!
my job is awesome. I'm 17 and i work as a bike mechanic. I get low wages 7 an hour but thats not the point. I love biking, I want to learn and get better at repairing bikes. My co-workers and superiors are helpful, nice, funny, and just cool people. Plus I'm learning a skill I can take anywhere

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An undertakers apprentice!

How hardcore is that?

+1 necrophilia ftw.... wait did i say that?
no I meant we must care for our dead no matter our dark.... lusts
An Ice Cream shop, no lie.

I worked at one when I was 17 and the girls that worked there were
see if there is a railroad in your area hiring, we have conductors who are only 18 years old now. I got a job building railway crossings and now I'm a technician repairing remote control locomotives for $30 / hour.
I first got a job at a restaurant. It's good money sometimes (depending on where), but is a b|tch and a half. Then I got a job at an Instrument store. And I think it's the best really.
A Porn Shop. You know, the place where you can temporarily swap jewelery for money...
I know It's spelt 'pawn'.

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Cool place to work at...

Street corners. At night. With few clothes on...

You'd better be there this time.