I bought a Sunburst Fender Starcaster Electric Guitar, barely used for $97.66 included with shipping, and a mini Fender Amp for $35 including shipping. Once it gets here I will put up some pictures. Both from Ebay.

How would you guys rate my purchase?
um not sure, its says Starcaster Electric Guitar.

Thanks for the positive feedback on my purchase Platinum!
starcaster i know what that is. you buy that at best buy for like 200 bucks plus w/ a ****ty 10 watt amp. it's like a squier i guess.
theres 3 Starcasters per say... one is the best buy Fender.. the other is a Squier Stratocaster.. the final is an actual fender and I believe a Stratocaster Hollowbody.. in attempt to compete with Gibsons ES-335 my bet is the Fender Best Buy one.. which is an eh guitar by the look of it.. the Amp isn't terrible.. but ok..
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