you have good reason to hate that name...
Unfortunately, I don't know how to delete accounts... I myself am a bit of a n00b...sorta...
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You can never log in again or ask a mod to ban it for you.

That's pretty much it.

Didn't see the part about starting over. You're stuck with this name.
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You can't make a new account, mods will perma ban that account and give your current one a temporary ban. Sorry but your stuck with it.
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i hate my account name
and i want to just start over
Pay attention as we go through this ...
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Simple answer: you can't
Absolutely true. You can NOT delete your account.
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You can't make a new account, mods will perma ban that account ...
Absolutely true. Any accounts made after the first one are perma'd
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...and give your current one a temporary ban.
Also true. This account would be banned for 30 days. Longer, if you had been banned before.
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Sorry but your stuck with it.
Almost always true.

They don't like to change account names. It's a pain in the ass to do. You were informed when you signed up to make sure to choose your name wisely because you can't change it.

What do you have going for you, that they would want to bother with this? Not much.
You don't have any contributions such as tabs or articles. BUT the only post you have on the forum is this one right here. That avoids a huge mess if your name gets changed.

If you had warnings and/or bans because of posts that were deleted, you can assume you will not get a response. But if your record is clean, and the appropriate staff member is not busy, then maybe, MAYBE you might have your name changed.

I'll send a PM to that staff member. He MIGHT contact you. If you get a response, consider yourself extremely fortunate. Don't post elsewhere on UG outside of this thread, until you hear from a staff member, or this thread is closed. That will keep things simpler.

Think VERY CAREFULLY about what name you would want IF they are willing to let you change. Pick something you can live with forever, because changing once is almost impossible. Changing twice just ain't gonna happen.

Good luck,
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i can tell you right now - your name won't be changed, just live with it.
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