aww I thought you were selling one...
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Is there a sig series?

I always thought he just played some kind of custom iceman, didn't know they're mass producing it.

If you find one post here, I'm pretty interested now.

Be warned though, I have a bass version of the Iceman and the weighting is pretty bad, at least on the cheaper models. The neck wants to naturally hang beside you're knees.

Then again maybe a signature version won't have that issue...
Quote by Joelieo
Yeah man hence my difficulty finding it...

The more gutting thing is that I saw one on Ebay for £300 the day after I bought my IC-300 for that exact price /sob

If you can't find one, how about taking your IC300 to a spray shop with the Malakian design?
ebay it maybe, i've seen them on there from time to time
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they had #170 something at this local music store by my house for about 350$ (american) its been gone for a little bit but ill talk to the guy who bought it. last time i checked he was thinking about selling