Alright, so my brother got a p-bass knock-off thing off of ebay a few months ago. Unfortunately it was not until recently that we decided to take "action" about the horrendously high string action...so we took it too a shop, and the guy there said that the truss rod was snapped and the neck was...eh...how should I put this...bad.>.<

We are now faced with a couple of options...

1. We get somebody to repair it with some steam method that I am unfamiliar with...

2. or we just buy a whole new bass.

Now keep in mind that this bass only costed $70 from the start...and I'm thinking that it's not worth repairing...but I don't know how much the repair would cost...also considering the fact that it is most likely made of plywood(it's awfully light and unbalanced)...and has mediocre hardware and pickups...well...that only reinforces my...eh...opinion...>_>

I hate to brake it too him(my brother) but he may have just gotten a bad one alltogether.

Fixing a neck is generally a pretty big job, it's probably gonna cost easily over $50, if your brother is that interested in playing bass, he should invest in a "real" bass. Look around for a used lower end Ibanez or squire and you could probably find one for under $150. It will sound and feel a hundred times better.
The repair could be expensive, so its a tough choice.

Could you not just get a neck off of Ebay or something? If you cant find it there, then I would say you would be better off just trying to sell that one, and then use the money to invest in a slightly higher quality bass such as a Rogue. I am not saying its a high quality brand, but its aboutt he highest quality you will get for that price. I have the LX200B, I think I paid $120 for it from musicians friend, and I have played several gigs with it.
Just a thought.
just pick up a squire if you're not bothered about the name on the headstock but still want quality.

i know for a fact they're reliable as hell, you just don't get the same sound you would out of a fender.
i'm sure you can get a squire quite cheap over in the US so i'd go for that option.
definetly get a new one... happened to my guitar TWICE and got it repaired once then the second time just got a new one 0.0
Squire sounds like a good idea...and if it's gonna be 50 bucks...or more...then that's probably not worth it.

He likes the P-bass look...as do I.=P...so...yeah...thanks.