basically its me and about 200 kids in my gym, and i have no band. im just gna be soloing for 2 minutes. im very good at blues scales and love the way it sounds, so i hope everyone else will. any help on how to write killers riffs to play, and maybe a lil advice on how not to screw up( i have abouta month, the gig is me and my friend battleing, cheesy but i think itd be fun)
Tie a bandanna to your headstock, all the cool kids are doing it!
try to make the show as hyped as possible, within your playing range. you know, posters, fliers, the works. make sure you dont say something like "HERMAN LI WILL BE PEE HIS PANTS AT THIS!!!!!!!". keep it cool. as for playing, if your head to head battling, make it so the riffs and solos alternate between the guitars. if you have 2, have 1 playing a screaming solo, while the other guitar plays some kind of catchy, rythmic, fast, riff to background the other. this will sound corny, but the GH3 solo battles are a GREAT example on how to do this. i did it for a talent show, and got first. you could probably get some inspiration on youtube too.

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Theres a Cool video of Marty Friedman and Paul Gilbert Having a Guitar Duel. as a matter of fact, there is two.

The First - This was on Martys japanese TV Show, not really a Duel but it starts off with Marty Playing the Rythm of a Mr. Big (Pauls Band) song and paul doing the solol, then Immedeatly switching to Tornado of Souls with Marty playing Lead. you can do this with whatever songs you want.

The Second - They picked a scale, A in this case, and one person would strike an A Chord then do 8th note muted picking on the string while the other solo'd over top, hitting the chord at the start of each bar. they switched every so often for who solo'd. Choose whatever key you want

Id be impressed to see something like either of Those.