i might go out and check a pawn shop buy my house, what should i look for, to make sure i get maximum value for minimum green, letus, washington, george's, what ever you wanna call them.

thanks in advance
i dont know how much your gonna save at a pawn shop, id try a music store with their used gear. i just think a pawn shop will be bent on taking as much money from you as possible
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bring an amp w/ you and try out the guitars they got.
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serial numbers, take them down but don't let the shop keeper know you are doing it. Shop keepers in pawn shops usually won't take them down and don't know how to read them. Come home with the numbers and research them, you'll be able to see what year the guitar is and be able to tell if it was chopped from another axe. Oh yeah, don't buy anything from the shop that doesn't have a serial number, that means it's a fake.
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Look up the make and model of the guitar.

Check all of the parts - check the bridge and tuners for rust, make sure the nut isn't cut too deep, make sure the electronics work with no crackling and the pickups work fine.

Bring in an amp if the shop doesn't have any, to try the guitar out.

Ask about the history of the guitar - how old it might be, who brought it in etc.

Check out basic traits: the sustain, how beefy powerchords can get, how easy the neck is to solo on, how far up the neck you can reach (if you go up there much).

Check the neck relief, see if the neck is warped in any way.

Check for any cracks in the headstock and body.

Check that the tuning pegs work smoothly, and if there is a locking tremolo, that that all works smoothly.
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Take down serial number.
Check it out.

Try it out.
Make sure to give it a REAL test drive.
(Abuse it and make sure it can take a beating)

And offer lower or as much as the asking price.
Do your research
If they try to sell it for the price of a brand new guitar, tell them.
and nag