Im thinking about buying an LTD V-500, but none of the stores seem to carry it in stock. I was wondering if most LTDs had the same style neck so that I could play another and get the feel for the guitar before I buy it. In your opinion how do LTDs play/sound/feel compared to other metal guitars?
It has a thin-U neck, which is the most common neck on ESP and LTD guitars. That's what my Viper 400 has. It's by far the most comfortable neck I've ever played, but it's ultimately a matter of personal preference. I don't like Jackson necks quite as much (although they are quite nice) and Ibanez is just way too thin for me, and Gibson is the opposite. ESP thin-U necks are like bliss for me. I would put it between a Jackson and an Ibanez as far as thinness.
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i played a friends ESP KH-2 and the neck on it was prettty awful, it was really wide and the string spacings were huge, it sonded good with the EMG's but the feel and playabilty was awful.
thicker than jacksons but they are comfortable. pretty thin necks in general. i think every neck is different, like the hand sanded or something. thats what i feel, like i play a guitar and i play the exact same kind later and it feels different.