dudes i just got this motley crue mirror from a kid at school. it was his aunts. anyone got anything like it? can find anything man and i wanna know like what it is other than just a mirror.
do you have a pic of it?
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my uncle gave me a rush mirror. i think he got it from the hemispheres record. either way it's pretty sweet.

EDIT: i also have a totally badass spuds mckenzie mirror
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I wanna see. Crue are the greatest band on the earth.
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I got one for Van Halen. And yes, Motley owns. Pit seats for July 18th baby. Wooo.

EDIT: Yeah, that's pretty cool.
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I remember that

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it's just a mirror i doubt theres anything else to it.
it doesnt have secret powers.
motley crue sucks.

i dunno why, but i lawled.

I don't quite understand, someone explain to me what the special attraction to a mirror is? Did they do coke off of it?