just bought a brand new Pignose on ebay, waiting for it to arrive...
for those of you who have experience with this little bugger, what are your thoughts?

i liked the idea of the portability for just jammin around the campfire with my accoustic with my dean markley soundhole pup, or as a quick backyard deal for my epi les paul. watched a few vids of it on youtube and said what the hell...got it for $25 less than my local shop sells it, brand new with a warranty! half decent range of tones, and i hear you can use it almost like a pedal to change up the sounds of your regular amp or run a pedal through it...seemed interesting...

anyone have one, and what do you think? will this thing die quick, or are they good for a few yrs, etc? sound? how long do the batteries last when you go portable?
also, where can i find an a/c adapter? (forgot to ask my shop if they can get one...)

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Frank Zappa liked his, used it in the studio a lot.

was that the same little portable model, though? not sure when they came out, but heard they havent changed since...


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Apparently, having the case opened at different angles gives you loads of different sounds to play with.
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They sound great on their own...no need for OD pedals.

If you're looking for gritty blues tone, you've found it.

i like the grit! thanks man...
i wasnt thinkin it needed a pedal, just wondering if it gave any kinda cool extra/diff vibe, or just completely ruined the sound.

cant wait to try this sucker out when it comes...
Yeah man, if you bought it for the grit, you'll love it.

I never tried with pedals, other than wah, I guess. Not really too much of a pedal guy, and when I was using that thing, I never really needed anything else -just plugged and played. I'm sure it takes pedals fine. I wouldn't use an OD pedals or anything, though, like I said.
thanks man.
if i can find my dean markley accoustic pick-up, i wanna see how my acc. will sound thru it too.
havent used that pup in years, packed away somewhere...its one of those ones that you wedge across the soundhole. never sounded incredible, but its a fun toy to screw around with...
ok, just got the Pignose 7-100 today, threw some batteries in it, and i gotta tell you i am shocked at how well this thing sounds!!
that gritty, grungy blues tone comes right thru, and it cleans up decent, if not great...
when closed, its a little muffled and warm, but open it sounds cleaner and more trebly, almost airy...
this is one cool little toy, and its got a great (unique) sound!!

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Frank Zappa liked his, used it in the studio a lot.

Frank Zappa's was modded with as much crap as you could mod a Pignose with, with an extra few unknown interior mods too.
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