ok, so i posted something about playing metal a couple days ago, and im not expierienced enough to play alot of the stuff, and my friend said i should start somewere simple (genre wise) and work up, so i decided to start with metal, any tips fro writing grunge riffs? what chords to use? Good Chord progressions,nirvana like solos, anything really...
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The riffs should flow like water.
um try some basic progs like the ones in nirvana songs like Polly (EGDC) and like moving up and down strings but staying on the same fret (like Smells like teen spirit) and for solos, go simplistic, stay on the minor and major pentatonics and stick to slower solos mixed with superfast stuf
Why be one genre when you can combine them? Alice in Chains did a great job with that and they were one of the best bands in the entire grunge movements. Lots of today's bands draw from them.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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Experiment. Don't limit yourself to "Grunge". There's no difference between and "grunge" song and a rock song. Grunge is just a dumb name that the media gave great rock music.
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Not all Grunge is simple,Alice In Chains,nuff said.Just because that idiot Cobain had simple
songs doent mean the entire genre did.
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and Grunge is just as complex as Metal in many cases, just listen to pearl jam. Just cause nirvana's easy doesnt mean everything easy. Theres simple metal too by the way, don't jsut get into grunge cause you think its easy.
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yeah pearl jam has some pretty hard stuff... i would reccommend some pearl jam and stone temple pilots... nirvana also... i almost forgot them, dont know how... iunno if you could consider the early foo fighters as grunge, but thats some good stuff also
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