The obvious answer is, body in front of me. Think Nurse Goodwrench. One flew over....I live to ride, ride to live. Easyrider started it all with their movie depicting the "cowboys, riding their steel steeds across the great U. S. of A. I've ridden Suzuki's (my first bike, 75cc, next bike 350 Honda on/off road bike, with turn signals, etc. Next. Honda 200cc CMT200, vertical 4 stroke twin. Tiny. No power, but looked so Milwaukee. Anyway, next bike, Honda 500cc euro. Had this one when I was stationed in Germany... Nice bike, strange vibration at idle. Next, 750cc Nighthawk, another Honda. Put a 4 into one header on it that would wake the dead. i played around with the rich kids in Mobile, LA (Lower Alabama) with their sushi rockets. Got spanked in speed, watched em do stopppies, wheelies, Next, 1450cc Harley, '03 anniversary edition. Com;plete with sneeze shield, safety goggles, groin cup, seismic stereo woofers, interplasmic nut noodlers, Way far beams too dude. Anyway, just veggin' here. Miss my bike....
Can you tell I lost my mind? Buying a Harley? What I really want now is a Ural, 2 wheel drive russian cycle with sidecar. Google Ural motorcycle... I want the Patrol model, in Sensimilia green, Sweet Jesus