I've never had an electric guitar, so I need some advice. Is this a good buy? I like the pickups, but besides that I know next to nothing about guitars.


and i'd probably be buying this amp to go with it


The music i'd like to be playing in the long run would be some Metallica, Van Halen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Maiden, I like Malmsteens music... and prettymuch those styles.

So a good set for my tastes? yes? no?
well for those styles of music i would suggest
passive pickups Most likely Duncans but that depends on if you play stuff closer to the skynard end of your spectrum other than that id say great

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definitely the amp can handle it i think

the guitar shold be able to but EMG's are typically for harder styles than that. but if one of your facs is metallica, and they use EMG's, i suppose you can
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Well as I said I know very little about guitars. Will I be able to find a Schecter with passive duncans for $600 or less and still keep the quality I would recieve if i bought a hellraiser? Im really wanting to keep it at $600 or less.



I found these three Schecters for $600, are any of them better than the hellraiser? if so, which would be my best choice? Hellraiser has the best appearance in my opinion, but from a quick glance i'd say the blackjack is my favorite of the four.
None of them are better than the Hellraiser, but for what you play you'd probably prefer one of them.
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WTF... get the Hellraiser with EMG's.
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Yeah... I think the Hellraiser is gonna be probably #1 on my list of guitars to try out when I go guitar shopping on a list of about a dozen. I think its the best quality for the price i've found so far, plus it doesn't look half bad either.