Hey guys,
So I've been playing guitar for a couple months now, but I've been using my mom's old, fairly cheap classical guitar, and I wanna try a steel-string one. There's a guitar center fairly close to my house and I'm wonder what guitar I should get (Steel-string). I guess I'd like to spend maybe 200-300, but if that won't get me a good guitar, I'd be willing to spend more.

Music I like: Midnight oil, u2, oasis, STP, velvet revolver, nirvana, REM, radiohead, Queens of the stone age, Live, hendrix, beatles, led zeppelin, and so on, pretty much alternative, indie, some metal, and classic rock.

Anyone have suggestions?
I'm confused. Are you asking to get an acoustic? If yes, I recommend Takamine or Washburn. If you are talking Electric, you might be able to get a Mexican Strat, which is always a great choice. Of course if it is electric you'll need an amp also, so don't spend it all a guitar.
Do you want an acoustic, or an electric guitar (for which you would need an amp)?

The music you like seems to suggest the latter.
He said classic dude.

Uhhhhhhh.... Takamine is a great buy in that range. Go for it.
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Ooh, sry, guess I didn't make that clear. I'm going to college in St. Louis next year so I'm just looking to buy a steel-string acoustic guitar. Sorry for the confusion.