So I was looking at the Vox Valvetronix AD30VT-XL Guitar Combo, I know i should try it and all but ive heard a lot of great things about vox, plus its affordable and has a perfect amount of watts for a bedroom musician (who wants a better tone then the Fender 15G) lol. So good buy or not?
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i think its a good buy, i have the model down of it and it was a good purchase for me
the XL line sucks, in my opinion, i have the regular vox ad30vt, it's a good amp for home
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Try it first. I went with money in hand to get one based on what people said here. After messing with it for over an hr i wasn't impressed. I ended up getting a DA - 20. much better tone then the AD and was about $20 cheaper. try before you buy.
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