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My biology teacher challenged our class to find the most disgusting pictures of diseases we can find. A disease is defined as "something that impairs the normal functioning of an organism", so remember that broken bones count, as do spider bites etc. If it's particularly gory, then link it rather than post the picture. And the name of the disease will also be helpful.

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I've used that. That's where I found this picture of a compound fractured leg that almost made me puke.
Show me a tropical fruit, and I'll show you a Guatemalan C*ck sucker. Borrowed from the greatest stand-up comic ever, George Carlin...If thats not a disease, I don't know what is.
Wish I could send you one of my medical textbooks! Theres hundreds... but off the top of my head?


-severe psoriasis can be pretty bad
-trichomona vaginalis (STD): the main symptom is frothy green vaginal discharge...
-condyloma acuminata AKA venereal warts...
-necrotizing fasciitis (the famous flesh eating bacteria!)
-lymphogranuloma inguinale... ugh, just look it up

Oh heres a cool brown recluse spider bite picture
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Not shopped. It's called Cancrum Oris, I almost puked. End thread.

It looks like the teeth are on the wrong side of the cheek and fused together. Or is the check just deteriorated? Thats a pretty gnarly disease braaaaaa.
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Not shopped. It's called Cancrum Oris, I almost puked. End thread.

That is disgusting.
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One spider bite? Honestly I find that hard to believe. Maybe one of the spiders from The Mist... but those were CGI so they don't exist.

So, you're taking the piss.

(Edited to complete the rhyme.)
We're only strays.
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Necrotizing fasciitis would be my suggestion.

EDIT: Or you could look at victims of radiation poisoning or agent orange, if those count.
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You could still do her with some condomz on

its a guy...lol
and polio and shin splints are two that come to mind
your ****ed up in the head
its interesting to look at some of that stuff
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Harlequinn babies are scary as ****, I was going to say that too. I want to look at that spider bite link, but I don't want my little sister to walk in while I'm staring at it, can some one rate this on a scale compared to the pics posted?
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Type in 'hpv' in google images.
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