1. if the difference of the roots 3x^2 - 12 x + c = 0 is 8, find the roots and the value of c.

2. If 2x^2 - 8x + c = 0 has a double root, find the root and the value of c.

help please?
I would help you cuz i think i know this stuff but it's been a while since i've done it. Explain what the root and value thing is and the expression is 8?

Wait you factoring into a binomial

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that reminds me
i have algebra to do
its due first block tomorrow
i have no idea how to do it..
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3x^2 - 12 x + c = 0


You basically have to set it up like that then guess and check. I got:

(3x-9)(x-1), c= +9

You have to do the same thing for the second problem as well

2x^2 - 8x + c = 0

I'd start by factoring out 2 since it's impossible to have a double root with is as coefficient. Just remember to put it back in later.

(x-#)^2 Where 2#=8

Meaning that the number must be four. Plugging it back in gets us:

2(x^2-4x+4) or 2x^2-8x+8

I can't really explain it that well over the internet, but those answers check out.
2 1 1 0
8 1 0 5
0 0 9 6 2 2 5 1
1)Use the formula and get x=-12+-\/144-12c/6

The roots are:
-12+\/576/6 & -12-\/576/6
-12+24/6 & -12-24/6



2) X=8+-\/64-8c/6
If it has a double root then 64-8c=0

then 8+-\/0/4=x

There you go...
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