Schecter V1-FR: any good? I've played the C1-FR and I know how amazing it is, but I like playing more different shaped guitars (personal preference), and I don't care so much for the Hellraiser's body shape. I'll be getting a new guitar soon and was wondering how this guitar feels/plays. Also, is it comfortable being so symmetrical? As far as I know asymmetrical V's like some Jacksons are much much more comfortable to play.
Spec, quality, and neck wise, it should be the same as the C-1. Idk how comfortable it would be. If you've ever played a Gibson V, it looks like it would be similar to that.
Heads will roll. Throats will be slit. Blood will flow like springs of water.
It has a original floyd rose and emg's pickups 81TW and 89, that are good features.
I have the C1-FR.
I also have a Hamer Vector VECF (cheap first guitar) which I am looking to replace with the V1-FR.


I can tell you that the shape is not great for playing while sitting down, there is no good place to balance the guitar on your leg. It is just fine standing up though, feels great while standing. If you want a guitar to practice on while seated, that style V is not what you are looking for.