I've got it narrowed down to one of these two. Something fairly inexpensive, but still fairly good. Keep in mind that I haven't actually been able to try out the Route 66 (they're ordering it in), and I've never owned a compressor.

What's going to do more for my tone in the long run, basically? I'm not entirely sure if the additional overdrive is necessary. I mean, I could probably just run the Route 66 on the burn channel of my Supersonic if I needed more gain, or whatever.

The main problem is that I'm not sure how a compressor interacts with.. everything. It could be just what I'm looking for, since I've been struggling a lot lately to find a tone I'm happy with. EQing has been failing me hardcore, and I guess the tone seems sloppy-ish. Sort of muddy. Would a compressor help to clean this up a bit?

I also think that maybe having the additional overdrive would open up more tonal possibilities, but in the end I may be unhappy with it anyway if I'm still having issues with muddiness.

I'm also investing in an overdrive because I can only play my amp at quieter volumes, so it's just a little something "extra" for my tone. Thanks for any input, hopefully there are people that can help explain compression to me better, or people that have used both pedals.
The Route 66. I find that the second OD on my Double Trouble along with the first can be a bit much. I just like the fact that I have two ODs, because my amp only has one channel, and with the DT it has 3.
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Yeah, I would say the Route 66 too. The Compressor is awesome!
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