I got this email on myspace. What do ya think, is it a scam?

"Hey guys,
I found your page here on myspace and I really liked the song “Stella”. If you are interested, I wanted to extend an invitation to our upcoming compilation “Rock 4 Life”. Below I have included part of the invitation that explains everything about the CD and our cause. Because of the popularity and success of the series we have made a new page. Make sure to also add Quickstar Productions main page in our top friends. I hope that you will be able to join us and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
Rock on,

.... My name is Bryan Bosmans, a Project Manager with Quickstar Productions. We are putting out a compilation CD titled "Rock 4 Life" and we would love to have you join us. This compilation CD is going to be used to promote pop punk, screamo, power pop, and of course rock bands. The inspiration for this CD came from a close friend Quickstar Productions, Kevin O'Hara. Kevin O’Hara is a drummer from Northwest Indiana who was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) at the age of 18. This disease causes the liver to shut down and currently the only cure is a liver transplant. We want to help Kevin and others like him by donating proceeds of "Rock 4 Life" to the PSC Partners Seeking a Cure. PSC Partners Seeking a Cure is a foundation that endeavors to find a cure and treatment for Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. The bands featured on the compilation CD will get great exposure for a good cause and the money raised will help those like Kevin who are awaiting the uncertainty of a liver transplant. This is a win-win situation.

“Rock 4 Life” will be professionally produced, glass mastered, shrink wrapped, full color, and retail ready. The compilation will be sold through the bands on the CD and will also be distributed digitally in more than 300 mp3 retailers worldwide. This includes all the big stores you are use to like iTunes, Napster, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Vcast, etc. Quickstar Productions will pay the bands 50% of profits for these downloads. To further help the artists on the compilation, Quickstar Productions will also send out promotional copies to various contacts at Record Labels (Vagrant, Victory, DriveThru to name a few), Internet and College Radio Stations, Management Firms, etc. Included with the promotional CD’s will be a booklet giving more information on each band. The booklet will feature brief bios, contact information, and a picture. This will be used to help promote each and every artist on the CD.

To have your song included on our upcoming compilation CD, “Rock 4 Life”, please visit our website to download the submission forms. We ask that each band purchase 50 CD’s at cost ($175) to help us cover the manufacturing, production, and shipping expenses included with this Compilation. Our recommended retail price for the CD is $7. 99, but of course you can sell them for whatever price you choose. If you sell them for our recommended retail, you take in $400. This is a great way to get more merchandise to sell at your shows and also a great way to target other fans in your genre. Please check out www. QuickstarProductions. com for more info on this compilation and also take time to learn more about PSC and what you can do to help at PSCpartners. org . Since we plan to release this CD in the summer of 2008, we ask that all submissions be returned by May 15, 2008. Please contact us with any questions or concerns and we hope to hear from you soon!

Rock On!
Bryan Bosmans

Quickstar Productions LLC
443. 552. 7058 office
410. 802. 2206 cell
312. 235. 6598 fax
www. QuickstarProductions. com
Bryan@QuickstarProductions. com
AIM QuickstarBryan

**Also, if you get the chance please take the time to check out the band Bravo Romeo Bravo. They are an amazing up and coming rock band from the Baltimore scene!
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If it is, I facepalm at whoever took the time to write that.
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Looks legit, go for it.

wanna lose $175? go for it
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That compilation CD stuff is a fairly common scam. It's the rock band equivalent of those modeling agencies that screw people over.
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I live in Indiana and have never heard of any of these people. So it probably is a scam.

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They will be on their knees begging for mercy... But The Pit shall have no such mercy and finish them with a "HADOKEN!"

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Well it doesn't seem like too much of a stretch of the imagination to think that this could be legit. I googled rock 4 life and it looks ok to me.


It sounds like a relatively cheap way to get exposure if you ask me. If you've got 3 other bandmates it's $43.75 and you'd each have enough copies to just give them to your friends/family without having to bother selling any initially.

Try calling the guy and do some other research through management to verify or even just checking that they're being sold at Walmart would be enough for me. I'd also get the guy to send me a hard copy of the contract/legal paperwork before I committed. Charities can be good or bad, depending on how they're handled.

Good luck with it anyway
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It's a scam. Don't ever make a compilation CD until you've met the other face to face.
Get off my lawn.
Call them up and ask them about other bands in the complication.
Find about the other bands and ask them if they really are doing it/if it's legit.
Try meet some of the people from rock4life in person maybe

It's probably legit.They Have Rock4Life on iTunes.
I don't know what they will do with the money though.
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Not all compilations are scams. My buddy has a Gore Grind project and just about all he does is make splits with other bands. He either gets paid, gets sent copies, or gets sent copies of other peoples cd's in return.

Ones that do ask for money often are scams though
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